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We deliver our products worldwide. Airmail delivery is provided by Russian Post. Three options are available: 

  • Small Packets (up to 2 kg); 
  • Regular Airmail Packages (up to 20 kg); 
  • EMS Priority Packages (up to 20 kg; faster but more expensive).

Shipping times and delivery costs

Shipping times vary upon destination. For small packets and regular airmail packages, estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks for Europe, and 2-3 weeks for other continents. For EMS priority packages, estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks.

Delivery cost varies upon destination and package weight. The exact delivery cost is calculated during checkout. Delivery cost (as well as the order total) is charged in Russian rubles. Any costs specified in other currencies are not an offer and are indicated for informational purposes only.

Small Packets

Small packet is an optimal international delivery option for most orders up to 2 kg, as it combines reasonable pricing and shipping times with a simplified customs clearance procedure (CN22 form instead of CN23). It can usually be tracked at any stage of the delivery process (tracking information availability depends on the country of destination).

Airmail Packages

For regular Airmail Packages exceeding 2 kg, delivery cost depends on package weight and destination country. For EMS priority packages, estimated delivery costs are 50% to 100% higher than those of regular Airmail Packages.

To find out the exact delivery cost, please indicate your address during checkout.