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Succinic Acid: Cosmetic Use and the Effect of Redermalization

What is Succinic Acid?

Succinic acid is a biologically active organic compound that is involved in the metabolic processes of human body and is present in the body itself. Succinic acid was first synthesized in the 17th century as a result of distillation of amber (Succinum meaning amber in Latin). Succinic acid has numerous medicinal and cosmetic properties, including antioxidant ones.

Redermalization Effect

In professional cosmetology, a combination of succinic and hyaluronic acids is used to achieve skin rejuvenation. A lasting anti-aging effect of redermalization can be achieved this way. Being used together, these two acids reduce negative effects of free radicals at the cellular level, stimulate metabolic processes, and prevent the thinning and dehydration of mature, sensitive skin.

Redermalization effect has been studied and dermatologically proven. A number of research works was published, showing that while hyaluronic acid promotes active cellular movement, diffusion of proteins and electrolytes, succinic acid increases the concentration of buffer bases and decreases the concentration of pyruvates and lactic acid. Rejuvenation occurs at the cellular and intracellular level, eliminating the main causes of skin aging.

In practice, redermalization effect means increasing tissue volume, eliminating soft tissue defects, and wrinkle and lip shape correction. This procedure can be used to slow down skin aging (including photoaging) or treat acne scars. It can also be used together with other cosmetology procedures aimed at the correction of wrinkles and skin defects, preparing skin for deep peels, or as a rehabilitation procedure after chemical peels and plastic surgeries.

Succinic Acid Properties and Use in Cosmetology

Accelerating metabolic processes at the cellular level, succinic acid promotes skin rejuvenation and detoxification, increasing skin elasticity and firmness, minimizing age-related changes, normalizing the water-salt balance of the skin, and augmenting its resistance to negative environmental factors.

Succinic acid may prove an effective ingredient that is able to solve many skin problems. Being a safe component, succinic acid can be used to treat any skin type, including sensitive and mature skin. Succinic acid is able to provide a quick and noticeable restorative effect without negatively affecting a healthy epidermis.

Succinic Acid in Skin Peeling Procedures

Like other many acids (for example, lactic acid or AHA acids), succinic acid has an exfoliating effect that is noticeable but not too aggressive. It reduces skin pigmentation, including age pigmentation, lightens freckles and post-acne traces, evens out the overall skin texture and improves complexion. As a result, the skin becomes clean, smooth and radiant. These properties of succinic acid justify its use in peels and facial toners.

Succinic Acid in Rebis Skincare

In Rebis face creams and serums, we use a combination of hyaluronic and succinic acid. Being a non-aggressive and skin-friendly component, succinic acid may be included in formulations that are suitable for any skin type, including dry and sensitive skin. We enrich our formulas with coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, hydrolyzed silk, vitamins C and E. We combine high-performance ingredients, botanical extracts, pure vegetable and essential oils.

Some of our formulations are intended for sensitive skin, including the eye area. For instance, our face cream №5 is intended to brighten dark circles under the eyes and to reduce bags under the eyes and wrinkles. Enriched with anti-aging and lifting components, our face cream №1 replenishes skin for a firmer, more refined look, unifies uneven skin-tones and restores a radiant, youthful glow. Combining succinic acid and azelaic acid, our anti-blemish clarifying face cream №4 improves skin texture and diminishes the number of breakouts, reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemish scars. For those looking for antioxidant and rejuvenating treatments, our Vitamin C Detox cream №8 may prove useful, as it is a glow-boosting moisturizer suitable for all skin’s types.

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